More Feelings

feelings, hobbit - dwarf feelings
I expect this will be a trend.

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Yeah, I am probably never finishing that fic.


There and Back Again

hobbit - sigrid
So many feelings (also: spoilers). Please link me to your posts, so that I can find them.


Come With Me If You Want To Live

Helen - gun in Normandy

I cheered, you guys. During a trailer. Like, for the first 30 seconds, I was all "UGH, WHY?" and then immediately all "YES YES YES!" because, well, I am in this franchise for Sarah Connor, let's be real, and also the part where Kyle Reese falls for her (OH GOD KYLE REEEEEEESE), and also the part where everyone has VERY LARGE GUNS.

I am optimistic, is what I am saying.


How Things Happen

So remember how on Monday I was all "Don't worry about the Morris, that would be pointless"?

Yeah: Morris 2015 Finalists Announced.
sheet music

(Also, the Sia, Fall Out Boy, and Sam Smith covers are pretty great too.)

Dear People Who Write Oberyn/Lyanna

not paired up for square dancing
I love you all to pieces, but WOULD YOU PLEASE FINISH YOUR STUFF?




Also, a reminder that I am always open to fic recs for:

1. Catelyn/Ned, their marriage before everything went to shit (or an AU, because basically AUs are my favourite part of GoT)
2. Elinor/Fergus, who grew up together and got married and then OH CRAP, FERGUS HAS TO BE KING, and Elinor is all "Well, damn if this is falling apart on MY watch!" etc.
3. I don't think there's any Margaret/John on the internet that I haven't read, but JUST IN CASE THERE IS, maybe you should tell me about it.
4. Basically any marriage of convenience that ends well (except not Supernatural, Sherlock, McShep or, and I can't believe I have to say this, Transformers), though I do prefer historical/fantasy.

Addendum: Also, I am after politics, FEELINGS, kissing, kissing, and mutual respect that grows slowly through a series of misunderstandings into OH GOD THEY CANNOT KEEP THEIR HANDS TO THEMSELVES. As you do.

Clone Wars: The Back Half of Season Four


Like, at one point, I thought "man, I really miss the episodes about bank deregulations and the perils of unsecured loans." At least Obi-Wan got to be AMAZING, even if he didn't get to use his own face/voice to do it (THE BEARD, OH GOD). And I like that Palpatine is so SMART as a villain. He just keeps coming up with ways to throw Anakin and Dooku, and NO ONE EVER NOTICES.

I found the slavery arc deeply upsetting. Which I think I was supposed to, but it was hard to watch.

And Darth Maul! Which I think I would be more excited about if I wasn't so attached to his death scene? At least Ventriss gets a personality out of it, so that's cool. Hopefully Obi-Wan actually DOES get to cut his head off next time. And then maybe light him on fire. And then shoot him into the sun. (I'm not holding my breath.)

In conclusion: more clones, I guess. Bring on season 5.


More new characters

have i ever been wrong?
rj_anderson sent me this vid, and I was all "That is almost perfect, except not quite!" and then I heard the actual song, and was all "PERFECT, BUT, OH GOD, THE VID!"

So we met in the middle.

Also, Emily doesn't think Siobhan is being dramatic enough.

A new character!

declan - making hay while the sun shines
Today we meet Declan Porter, who is absolutely not based on my two favourite (fictional) SAS officers, and is TOTALLY not played by Richard Armitage.




(okay, maybe just a little)

A Short Story

The Hockey Book - Magic
My last story (for 2014 anyway), is up today on The Hanging Garden. Or theme this round was urban legends, which I have since learned means something slightly different in Canada than it does in the US (or maybe it means the same thing, but ours are...less murder-y?).

ANYHOODLE, here it is: Infrastructure.

Lead up to the Cover Reveal

The Story of Owen
Hello everyone!

I am getting ready to reveal my cover (which, tbh, people have already seen because ARCs, but WHATEVER), on tumblr. I am doing a similar thing to what I did last year, except instead of talking about books, Siobhan is blogging about the songs she "wrote" (and the people who "covered" them).

Here is the first one, if you want a look, and there will be one a day until Friday when the cover goes up.

Personal note: if you have a tumblr and would like to reblog it, that would be great. If you wanted to mention that it's my in-universe narrator blogging in character and also hint that the cover reveal will be Friday, that would be AMAZING. :)

Clone Wars: Season Four (first half)

feelings, hobbit - dwarf feelings
Okay, so this will mostly be me LOSING MY MIND about the Krell arc, because OMG, MY FEELINGS, but before I get into that, I want to say that I am a little disappointed that the episode with Captain Ackbar included an actual trap, and no one said something like "Well, at least I'll know for next time". In other news, Anakin continues to be the WORST at secret marriages, and Obi-Wan cracks me up.

Speaking of cracking up, I laughed a lot harder than I thought I would at the 3PO-R2D2 episodes. Mostly I think this was because of Commander Wolf (OH GOD, Plo, at the end? T.R.O.L.L.), but the accidental democracy on the teeny planet made me giggle a lot, and as one of the stranger riffs on THE WIZARD OF OZ I've ever seen, I thought it worked well.


Because, for real, this arc was amazing. Now that I've calmed down a little bit, I'm REALLY impressed by the writing in it. There were actual moments where I was all "Hmmmm, it's PALPATINE who wants Anakin off the front line? I WONDER WHAT HE IS UP TO?" and "OH GOD, KRELL, YOU ARE A TERRIBLE SENTIENT BEING!", but nothing felt super obvious or heavy handed, BECAUSE THE CLONES WERE SO GREAT. By the time we got the monologue at the end, every part of it was so earned, and it was a beautiful thing to see.

(Super violent string of episodes, though. I mean. Sheesh. At one point, Krell is breaking them with is BARE HANDS.)

Casual reminder: the same dude, Dee Bradley Baker, does the voice for all the clones. Which means that in addition to providing incidentals like shouting during fight scenes, he also played Rex, Fives, Jesse, Hardcase, Waxer, Dogma, Top Knot Dude and...who even KNOWS who else, and THEY. ALL. SOUND. DIFFERENT. But still clone-y. If that makes any sense. There were whole SCENES where he just talked to himself. It was amazing.

I'm kind of more invested in Cody's storyline, most of the time, because I want to know if he ever became self-aware again, and then if he thought he'd killed Obi-Wan, and what the Empire did to him, but I'm starting to reach similar levels with Rex. HE INTRIGUES ME. Like, you can TELL the parts of Anakin that are rubbing off on him, and what makes Anakin a lousy Jedi make Rex a GREAT clone. I am SO INTERESTED in what happens to him. And also terrified, of course. (Standard "OH GOD, DON'T TELL ME" applies.)

And Hardcase! With his ADHD! And his tragic and heroic death, but STILL. He was great. Also, is Fives the only one of his group left? All I can remember for sure are Heavy and Echo, and I'm pretty sure they're both dead.


Oh right. Because I am a sucker for inevitability.


The Story of Owen
Moonbeam Award

A twitter follower actually told me I had won, and then I poked around on Google until I found the website with the announcement. The Moonbeam Awards are handed out at the Traverse City Book Festival, and promote "readable" books. So that's nice! Plus it's an actual medal, which is kind of exciting.

Clone Wars: Season Three

I took a bunch of time off in the middle of this season, and thus have somewhat sketchy memories of it, so let me just hit the highlights:

1. Bounty Hunters bore me so spectacularly.
2. Politics! I was kind of surprised at how SERIOUS the politics were. Like, there was an episode are about bank deregulation. Which I still can't say with a straight face! Needless to say, I liked Padme and Bail (et al) a lot.
3. Ahsoka was GREAT this season. I loved all of her storylines, and the part where she fights with TWO lightsabres now.
4. Rex and Cody, you guys. I cannot deal.
5. Tarkin was REALLY well written. Also, I recognized him based on his cheekbones. Again.
7. Obi-Wan is so great.

...oh, and Anakin was there too. God, but that memory wipe was ANNOYING.

Anyway, my overall impression of this season is that it was fragmented, but that might just be because of how I watched it. We'll see how I do with season four.


New Blog Post!

john crichton approves of this plan
In which I go to Minneapolis, have hot chocolate, and try to remember the last time I panicked.

There And Back Again

hobbit - tauriel has knives

All the feels.




hobbit - tauriel has knives
Sooooooo much mail.




I will take a better picture when I am wearing it FOR REAL, with the tights and boots as well (and also because it was hard to lace myself into, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH).

Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you! And I hope my requests aren't, you know, terrifying. :)

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Thanks again! I can't wait!




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